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Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker:
An egg cooker is a small appliance that allows you to boil, poach and even scramble eggs.
 They take just a few minutes to boil a number of eggs and they will be exactly the way you want them each time.
Egg cooker is very QUICK & EASy to use. Simply choose your preferred eggs and set the timer.
The auto-shut off function prevents overcooking, and the buzzer will alert you when your eggs are ready.
Boils up to 6 eggs at a time, poaches up to 2 eggs with its separate poaching tray or makes an omelet
 Whatís more, these small kitchen appliances are really inexpensive to purchase and every kitchen should have one!
it is so simple ,even kids can use this egg cooker.
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