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Amazon Portable Traveling Fan

  portable fans rechargeable battery operated:
# Performance: The rechargebale fans are strong and powerful with 3 speed mode.
The portable fan speed can be adjusted among low,
 medium, high according to your demands. Battery works 3-13 hours in a full charge.
the maximal fan rotating speed arrives to 3200rpm.
 More airflow, but less noise.
# size: Small (3.94x1.58X5.9 inch) and exquisite, easily put into a bag inside.
 Weight (7.8 ounces), Perfect for outdoor activities and travel, or just place it on the desktop.
# Rechargeable built-in Batteries:- Upgraded 2200mAh rechargeable battery or by being connected with a USB cable
 even use an adapter to plug into wall socket.The operating time of other items varies according to the capacity
 of the battery.
 Using rechargeable batteries reduces bad impacts on human and environments.
As rechargeable batteries can be reused, it saves money and energy.
#Functions:rechargeable fans are equipped with side and internal emergency light function that provides
much convenience and care for users.OPOLAR fans has also one year warranty against defects is big bonus for you.

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